Lübbenau is probably the most famous town in the Spreewald. In the historic old town, you discover the winding alleys with old Spreewald houses. Directly in the center of the recognized health resort you can make beautiful boat tours to the museum village Lehde or Leipe from the harbor into the biosphere reserve. In bad weather the “Spreewelten swimming pool” offers a good alternative.


By bicycle you can reach Schlepzig within 2 hours from our building via the Gurkenradweg. The small village Schlepzig in the Unterspreewald is a bit unknown and not so full with tourists. If you are looking for a lot of nature and peace, this is a wonderful place to relax. Schlepzig is one of the most beautiful and oldest communities in Brandenburg. From the Schlepzig harbour you can make wonderful boat tours along the Spree.


Lübben in the Spreewald – here you spend the perfect day with your family! The city between Ober- and Unterspreewald fulfils the wishes of children and parents at the same time. Climbing forest, hill labyrinth or adventure boat ride as well as a beauti


The state-approved health resort Burg is located in the eastern Spreewald. The place connects a very beautifully furnished spa with the Spreewald tourism. Besides the Bismar Tower, the Weidenburg Arena Salix, the theme of the Sorbs and Wends is shown in many areas.

To see all the sights in Burg, we recommend a tour with the Burger Rumpelguste, which takes you to all the interesting places in Burg.

Tropical Island

South Sea Feeling in the Spreewald? Yes, you can find that here as well. Tropical Island is about 15 minutes by car from our building and is probably one of the best-known fun pools in Germany. In addition to the fun pool, Tropical Island has much more to offer. Besides wellness, there is also a newly designed outdoor area that guarantees fun.


The federal capital Berlin can be reached from our building by the good local traffic possibilities from Lübben in shortest time.

With the Brandenburg-Berlin Ticket you can use all local transport possibilities in Berlin and Brandenburg with 5 persons at a reasonable price. All sights, such as the Brandenburger Tor, the Bundestag or Checkpoint Charlie can be reached in a very short time.

Märkische Heide

The Märkische Heide is the right destination if you are looking for experiences in nature in the Spreewald. The municipality is located in the east of the Unterspreewald, nearby the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spreewald and comprises several protected landscapes. Here you can discover small villages and forest lakes far away from tourist centers. The Spreewald and its unique nature create distance to daily life and guarantee relaxation.