The EuroCamp is located directly on the Gurkenradweg; over a total length of 260 km you can explore the UNESCO biosphere reserve Spreewald – a perfect starting point for various bike tours to enjoy the beauty of nature. For example, you can easily reach Schlepzig, where you can make a cozy boat trip in the original Spreewald with its oak, alder and beech forests. But even the lake “Schwieloch” and the Neuendorfer Lake, as well as other smaller lakes in the surroundings are only a stone’s throw away by bicycle.

And if you prefer to do a small, a little closer cycling tour, you can drive around the Groß Leuthener Lake, which is located directly at the camping site.

But if you love the challenge, you can also reach Lübben and Lübbenau by bike in one day tour. Detailed descriptions of the tours, starting at our camping site, are available on site at our reception.