Trip in a rowing-boat



Spreewald Paddling: Maybe the fastest way to yourself. Paddling tours, ready to go or completely on your own, are the direct way into nature and to yourself. The idyllic landscape offers room for adventure, relaxation, tranquility and sporting challenges. Recover yourself, come to paddle in the Spreewald.

Depending on your preference and duration you can choose different canoe tours through the Spreewald. Whether cozy with family – or sporty with friends. Several tours are available

  • Natural experiencing trip
  • Family tours
  • Group tours
  • Active tours
  • One-way tours
  • Multi-day tours
  • Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

There is something for everyone to get their money’s worth.


Trip in a rowing-boat 

A boat in a rowing-boat is one of the most popular activities of visitors in the Spreewald. Let your boat ferryman take you to picturesque Spreewald villages, peaceful meadows and impressive forests. You will learn exciting things about sights, traditions and customs and you will be served with Spreewald cucumbers and bread and dipping. The peak season for boat trips runs from April to October. During this time the boats leave every hour. For a boat trip you should plan about 2 to 3 hours, special theme boat trips can take longer. The winter timetable is valid from November to March. During this time selected harbour and boathouses offer winter boat trips or wassail boat trips. Equipped with blankets and wassails you are on the way for about one hour. In particularly cold winters, when the rivers are frozen, the boats are making way for kick sledges and ice skaters.

We recommend for groups to book before arrival.